Zoom Call Summary 4.1.20

Here is the summary of our Zoom Call from 4.1.20.

Connecting to our team- We discussed the importance of taking care of ourselves as we lead our teams and finding ways to show our staff that we care about them including personal phone calls or one on one time to check in.

Pima County Health Department- We shared a few new resources from Pima County Health Department. Including: What to do if your center has a positive COVID-19 case or if you are having a dental emergency during COVID-19.

CDC- New Guidelines for Childcare Centers

DES Reimbursements- We reiterated that DES will be reimbursing the same amount you received in January. For more information go HERE. Additionally, we got confirmation that current DES families do not have to pay co-pays if your center is closed.

DES FAQs- We learned the DES is updating their FAQs regularly so make sure to check their website for updated information about reimbursements or new students and how payment will work for them.

DES Application- We learned that you can apply to be a center that receives DES subsidies and that they are not requiring the usual liability insurance right now. More information to come.

-First Things First Scholarships- We received word that FTF will be honoring scholarships. YAY! Click HERE for more information.

-Arizona Enrichment Centers- We learned that Arizona Enrichment Centers will have a website soon. HERE is some more information about this. You can apply to be an Arizona Enrichment Center HERE. You have to sign your program up to be included.

-Unemployment Qualifications- We pointed to THIS resource again in the case that you are having to layoff or furlough staff.

-Shared Work Program– We learned about the Shared Work Program. This program allows employers to divide work hours among staff instead of layoffs and allows employees to receive Unemployment Benefits.

-Food/Supplies- We discussed the need for food and supplies for many centers. Getting aid is still a work in progress at this time. We got word from TUSD that we can tap into their food program if we are able to pick up at one of their sites. Go HERE for more information.

-Demand- We discussed that at many centers we are not seeing the demand for childcare as many parents are choosing to/have the ability to keep their children home.

CARES Act- We discussed the CARES act that passed and more specifically the Small Business Loans. THIS is a helpful resource that explains these loans more fully. They potentially will be very helpful to centers. The application is not yet available. Thanks to all who contributed questions and information. Continue to share what you learn as this has been so helpful to us all. We continue to learn as we go. Zoom calls will now be each Wednesday at 2pm. See email for link. Hope you can join.