Zoom Call Summary 3.23.20

Here is a summary of our Zoom call from today.

Please continue to share information and email me as you have questions, get information. I will share with everyone.

-DES To Continue Reimbursements- See full post here.

Example Parent and Staff surveys were very helpful. Many directors were using them in conjunction with their leadership teams to make decisions that best suit their centers.

Pima County Health Department Recommendations– Current recommendations for centers who are open.

-First Things First Scholarships- We are still awaiting word on if these will continue to be paid.

H.R.6201- The implications of this bill and what is being required of us most notably, requirement to pay out Paid Sick Leave. Please consult your lawyer or CPA as you work through these things for your center.

-Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCA- Both open for children of ‘essential workers’ ages 5-12.

Pediatric Study from China on the effects of COVID-19 on children.

-Connecting with students- Zoom call with students for each classroom. Helped to give teachers a sense of purpose in this time.

-Packets or online resources for parents to do at home with children.

-Private Facebook group for Videos of teachers doing their routines, reading stories and other points of connection.

-Discussion around the idea of continuing the school year in June/July and offering that to families. Trying to find ways to have closure with our families for the school year.

-We discussed best options for our staff as many of us face not being able to offer regular payment for our staff. This included Furlough, Unemployment.

Resources to help your staff file for unemployment if necessary. Again please consult your lawyer to make best decisions for your center and staff.

-Licensing- A message from Licensing that centers can operate right now based on what’s on their license for services, but by calling their Surveyor we can adjust services during this time.  For example, if a program is only licensed for part time care for school age children and they need to do full time care; that is something we can work directly with the facility to fix for them.

211 Hotline for COVID-19 State Information

Thanks again everyone. Lots of great information and ideas. Next Zoom Call set for Friday 11am.