Zoom Call: Directors Q&A

Date and time: Monday March 23, 2pm

Zoom Call Link


This call purpose is for directors to ask questions of one another and hear what how others are solving problems.

Questions that will be discussed:

  • Tuition if you are closed how are you handling this? 
  • What to do If a staff member does not feel comfortable working at this time? 
  • Are you paying staff for the added week? 
  • Are you reimbursing tuition for the week? 
  • When do you plan to make decisions for the coming weeks? 

Creative ideas we have heard so far: 

  • Connecting with students- For closed centers ideas to connect with students include Zoom circle time, digital story times by teachers sent to class, private instagram accounts for fun lessons and read alouds
  • Lower ratios in classrooms to help slow the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Closing an hour early for more time to disinfect the center.
  • Personal connections- Keep things personal. This matters at this time.
    • Call families if you are closed check in and see if there are any immediate needs. 
    • Call families if you are Open to see who needs and does not need care at this time, to consider space for first responders/health care workers.
    • Check in with staff- Have a zoom staff meeting to connect and answer any questions or concerns. Call them personally as well.