Recommendations and Resources from Pima County Health Department

Hello Education Partners,

I wanted to let you know that you can now call 2-1-1 for general information on  COVID-19. They also have information and resources on their website:

They are asking that the poison center number be used for health care providers, individuals with COVID-19 symptoms, and individuals who believe they may have been exposed to COVID-19 only. This will enable the calls to be answered as efficiently as possible. The poison center number is 844-542-8201.

The recommendations for child care centers continue to remain unchanged; we are not recommending closures at this time. Having said that, we understand that these are complex decisions and we support whatever you think is best for the health and welfare of your population.

Child Care Resource & Referral is asking that you contact them with your open or closed status. Please call 1-800-308-9000 or email

I have received questions on how to maintain social distancing in child care.

Here are a few recommendations to consider as is feasible for your site:

·         Cancel all gatherings, field trips, staff training and congregate meal settings.

·         Avoid mixing children in common areas or classes.

·         Stagger passing times, arrival and dismissal times.

·         Decrease ratio of staff-to-children

·         Keep classrooms/groups to 10 individuals or less

·         Move tables/chairs/play stations 6 feet apart

·         Place nap mats 6 feet apart

·         Distance children while eating

·         Provide each child individual meals and snacks. Stop practicing family style meals.

·         Teach children, staff, and families to maintain distance from each other while at your site

·         Have parents drop children off at the door when possible.

·         Establish a location for children who are ill away from other children but within sight of staff.

·         Limit nonessential visitors to center. Restrict movement of visitors. Screen visitors through questioning.

·         Limit deliveries from outside vendors. If possible, have them deliver after business hours or leave deliveries outside of the facility.

·         Ask staff to practice social distancing outside of work (remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining approximately 6 feet of distance from others when possible)

Links to Resources

·         ADHS Guidelines for child care

·         CDC  Guidance for Schools and Child Care

·         CDC Print Resources

·         PCHD Printable Items (Facility Entrance Sign, Stop the Spread sign, Handwashing guide)

·         CDC Planning Checklist

Thank you all for your continued and increased efforts during this unprecedented time. Our communities rely on child care providers to support families who need to work, including our first responders, medical professionals, and public service workers. Please reach out to me with questions or concerns by email or the phone number listed below.

Emily Rebro, MSN, RN

Child Care Liaison

Pima County Health Department